Our History - PFPMOA

FDA-DOH adopts orphaned pest control industry

The dedication and commitment of various pest management association all over the islands, and the support of their industry Partners, sponsor and exhibitors. The Federation, or PFPMOA, Inc. is composed of the Philippine Association of Professional Fumigators Inc. (PAPFI). The South Luzon Pest Management Operators Association of the Philippines (SL-PMOAP) Inc., The North Luzon Pest Management Operators Association (NCL-PMOA), Inc. and the Pest Control Association of the Visayas (PCAV) Inc. Latter added two more associations from the island of Mindanao MUPMA and Another from the greater Manila Area.

This aggrupation of professionals pest management operators was officially recognized by the FDA-DOH through a standing Memorandum of Agreement or (MOA) signed by then FDA-DOH assistant secretary, Legal Department Head, and OIC-director Nicolas Lutero III, and the association presidents last Sept. 23, 2012 at the Club Filipino in San Juan Metro Manila.

After almost six years of unregulated industry operation and open disregarded for the health and safety of the general public by institutions and their associated government regulators. The Philippines Pest Management industry now looks forward to a truly brighter, safer and a more responsible future in partnership, and under the wings of FDA-DOH.
In 2007, the inconspicuous primordial of the Federation began one evening in mid-July when the incumbent President of PAPFI (Uly Dagan) and the Presidents of PCAP (Jesy Aquino) and PEAP (Dodjie Leyva) met to discuss the fate of the industry, given the scenario that the FPA could no longer exercise its function as a regulatory body. The three presidents of the Professional Pest Management Associations ventured the ideas of consolidating efforts, meet more often and come up with measures in helping their respective members of the associations and the industry in general.

Over dinner on September 6, 2007 at the Sangkalan Grill & Restaurant in Quezon City, the first Organizational Meeting was held, involving the majority of the Officers and Board Members of the three associations: the Philippine Association of Professional Fumigators, Inc. (PAPFI); the Pest Control Association of the Philippines (PCAP), Inc.; and the Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines (PEAP), Inc.. After a lengthy discussion, a consensus was reached to federate.